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XPay App and Web Wallet

A new generation unified cryptocurrency wallet that allows consumers and merchants to use any Blockchain asset for transactions easily.

It supports multiple cryptocurrencies and serve as a payment application that is free of registration and subscription fees. It’s available on both online web and mobile app (iOS and Android) platform.

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Web Wallet:

Token Creation

Create your token that is customized to your business.

Our blockchain has a lower fee compared to other blockchains and allows fast transactions within seconds.

You can spend your coin by exchanging it into our stable coin.


Easy integration with our XPay API documentation.

Functionalities are separated into individual API, allowing you to choose whichever API deem fit to your internal organization process.


A user friendly blockchain explorer to let you check on your transaction instantly and transparently

Exchange and C2C Trading are coming soon!


Enabling recognized merchants to be part of X Infinity’s business network. Merchants are able to perform tokens
exchange in a secured platform, accessible by customers around the world.


If you have any enquiry, kindly contact us.

Wechat: xpayadmin OR xpayadmin02
Email: [email protected]


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